@_mi.mau_ no. 1
@_mi.mau_ no. 1
@_mi.mau_ no. 1

@_mi.mau_ no. 1

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Black wood frame 60x80cm / 24x32in
Oak wood frame 60x80cm / 24x32in
White wood frame 60x80cm / 24x32in
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When you buy this art you empower Micaela Mau. Our worldwide community of art lovers have voted for this print to be hung here. At Democratic Gallery the people rule. Not an elite. After all, history has proven that democracy is the best way of running the world. Why should the art world be any different?

  • Meet Micaela Mau

    Florence, Italy

  • What is it that you like about taking photos in museums?

    I started this project as an exploration of architectural elements of museums and of how people relate to museum spaces. I like the idea of taking pictures of the place that contains the art, rather than what's exhibited.

  • What is it you love about a physical print compared to viewing a photograph on a screen?

    I love seeing what printing and framing techniques photographers and artists choose for their shots. Different printing processes deliver different results. Since some of my work also deals with the materiality of photographs I appreciate a print in its physical presence. But I also believe that some images are not meant to be printed and work perfectly well in their digital form.

  • ”I like the idea of taking pictures of the place that contains the art, rather than what's exhibited.”

Micaela captured this photograph of a doorway in the Alte Pinakothek in Münich as part of an ongoing project about museum spaces.