@dea_sakura no. 1
@dea_sakura no. 1
@dea_sakura no. 1

@dea_sakura no. 1

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Black wood frame 50x70cm / 20x28in
Oak wood frame 50x70cm / 20x28in
Gold wood frame 50x70cm / 20x28in
White wood frame 50x70cm / 20x28in
Silver wood frame 50x70cm / 20x28in
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When you buy this art you empower Andrea Seidle. Our worldwide community of art lovers have voted for this print to be hung here. At Democratic Gallery the people rule. Not an elite. After all, history has proven that democracy is the best way of running the world. Why should the art world be any different?

  • Meet Andrea Seidle

    Ludwigsburg, Germany

  • Why do you love photography?

    I love photography because I can play with perspectives, closeness, distance and of course with colours. I love to be on foot to discover motifs. That's why I almost always shoot outdoors and spend hours on the road.

  • What is it you love about a physical print compared to viewing a photograph on a screen?

    I like the physical expression because it seems more alive to me than on a Screen. I like the haptic perception and the paper and it's great that you can hang photos on walls.

  • ”The world and people do not need Photoshop. Our world is beautiful enough.”

  • If you could go anywhere to take photos, where would that be and why?

    That would probably be Tel Aviv. It is a cosmopolitan, modern, life-affirming city, with very friendly people. And it offers wonderful light, beautiful architecture and a magical mood.

Is not just art – it’s a statement.

Democratic Gallery empower artists like Andrea Seidle – discovered by the people for the people by voting. Having this piece of art on your wall is not just interior design, it’s a statement. ”We’re all artists.”